What is left Wild for Wildlife?

A short time back we just completed a safari in Tanzania. To see African wildlife up close in their natural habitat was a dream both Mike and I shared, so we headed to one of East Africa’s hotspots – The Serengeti National Park. The safari business is huge and so is its price ranges. Basically, … „What is left Wild for Wildlife?“ weiterlesen

Chimp Stories

The main reason we stranded on this tiny island in Lake Victoria is the Chimpanzees. While neighbouring islands are populated by fishermen and their families, the majority of the inhabitants on Ngamba island are rehabilitating chimpanzees. In total, there are 49 chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) living here at the moment. Only three of them are born … „Chimp Stories“ weiterlesen

Paradise of Birds

The animals I had in mind when I planned our stay at Ngamba island was clearly the chimpanzees, little did I know that this island is hosting the most exciting bird life consisting of 130 different species. After only a few days on the island we have observed some regular routines of the winged inhabitants. … „Paradise of Birds“ weiterlesen

Partner of Freedom

I want to dedicate this Blog post to Thank Michi. First of all, for his trust in me letting my words out on his writing territory. Second and more importantly, for being in my life and being such complementary great “partner in crime”. The crimes I am referring to here are in fact better translated … „Partner of Freedom“ weiterlesen